We have never failed to remove a swarm of bees. On some very difficult occasions we had to talk to the queen and warn her that if she didn’t come out on her own we would have to call in the exterminators. Amazingly this is usually enough to get all the bees to pore out of their inaccessible home and fly into the nearest tree. Of cause we use a little smoke to encourage this evacuation.

:: How to have your bees removed

If you are in Johannesburg, or environs, a call to our office on 011 706 5447 will ensure that your “problem” bees are harmlessly removed. The costs vary, although there is a minimum call-out fee. This, unfortunately, has become necessary due to the high costs of maintaining vehicles, equipment and the employment of staff.
Bees can be removed from private homes as well as commercial or industrial premises and properties.
When he arrives, the beekeeper will inspect the site to locate the hive. The queen bee and all combs must then be removed. These are usually placed in a box or similar container. Once this has been done, the general area is sprayed with an organic substance which repels the bees, thus preventing them from returning to the site.

You may notice a few bees buzzing around the old site for a few days once the queen and combs have been removed. This is quite normal and they should soon leave of their own accord. When we catch the queen, we also try to collect as many of the worker bees as possible but, as many of them will be out when this happens, they will later return and will find their home has been removed. They will seem a little distressed, but will be harmless as they no longer have a hive to protect. They will often gather together, forming a cluster, before flying off to find another site. If they have not left within four or five days of our removal, all you need do is call us again and we will come and remove them for you at no further cost.
As every job is unique, and we are working with live creatures, our many years of experience have taught us to respect their natural behaviour in order to remove them effectively.

We do guarantee that the bees will be successfully removed, even though it may mean that we have to return to the site. If we do not hear from you within seven days of our removal of the bees, it will be assumed that the job has been successfully completed.

Contact us on 011 706 5447 or 706 0236, or by email at info@aabeeremovals.co.za

We do ask that you are patient and, if necessary, leave a message on the answering machine, as our lines are inclined to become quite busy at times.