AA BEE REMOVALS was established by Terry Winchester some 35 years ago, initially as a personal fascination and hobby, this business has metamorphosed over the years to become a fully operational entity. Two full time beekeepers are employed and, during the “bee season” – generally September to January in the southern hemisphere – it is a veritable “hive” of activity with as many as 120 callers a day needing urgent attention in having swarms removed from their properties.

Terry is renowned as an holistic beekeeper in South Africa. The telepathic rapport he has with these amazing creatures has astounded all who have witnessed it. Terry “talks” to the bees and is able to remove them from inaccessible places without harming them. In doing this, he truly demonstrates the mind power techniques that he teaches, and how we are all one with the Universe and its creatures.

He is dedicated to saving South Africa’s natural bee population from decimation by bee exterminators, and has given many radio and TV talks on Honey Bees and their remarkable healing products.

Although Terry remains involved in the business and will always retain his love for these creatures, he has had to expand the business and employ staff to run the day to day functions. Most people talk to their pets, even their plants. Any bee keeper who has taken the time to connect with his charges will find himself talking to his bees. Terry has astounded all who have witnessed the way he can charm a swarm of bees to vacate an inaccessible situation.