Bees are disappearing – thank you for allowing us to save your bees!

As we never kill bees you may notice a few bees buzzing around the old site for a few days. This is quite normal and they should soon disappear. We do endeavour to catch the queen and put her, along with all the bees, in a box but sometimes she flies off into a nearby tree and we cannot always find her. When that happens the remaining bees will gather around her where they will hang in a cluster, like a bunch of grapes, for a few days. Even if the queen has been removed the remaining 3 to 5 per cent of the bees will behave in this manor before they fly off.

At this point they are quite harmless as they have no hive to protect. If, however, they are not gone after  seven days we will come back and remove them at no further cost to you. You may also find that ‘robber’ bees from other hives in the vicinity will buzz around the site for a few days cleaning up any remaining honey and wax.

As every job is unique and we are working with live creatures, our 35+ years of experience have shown us to respect their natural behavior in order to remove them effectively. We do guarantee that the bees are successfully removed, even though this means that we may have to come back. If we do not hear from you within ten days of our removal of the bees, it will be assumed that the job has been successfully completed.

As our terms are strictly COD, we would appreciate payment either by cash or cheque to our Beekeeper on completion of the work.

Terry and Gerald rehiving the bees