HONEY … the most complete of all nutritious substances

As Terry calls it, “the nectar of love”. It is created with love, by love, from nature, by nature. These little creatures spend their entire lives working and creating this nectar, they never stop – until they die.

Edwin Way Teale, in his book The Golden Throng, describes the honey making process as follows: “As soon as the bee sucks nectar into its honey bag or crop, the chemical factory within its body begins to function. Enzymes, complex organic substances believed to originate in the salivary glands, mix with the nectar. While the bee flies homeward, the sugar of the nectar is being converted into the dextrose and levulose of honey. At the hive, the nectar load is transferred to the crops of younger workers. These bees force it in and out of their bodies several times in what appears to be a thorough mixing process. Then they store the rather tin, partially ripened honey in open cells. Currents of air, produced by fanning wings, evaporate the excess water from the fluid. When it has reached the composition and consistency of honey, it is capped with wax. Thus the harvest of the bees proceeds.”

Although not the primary business of AA Bee Removals, we do manage to produce a limited amount of natural raw honey and honeycomb. We do make this available to our clients, but it is essential to call first and place your order before collecting as we only ever have limited stocks.

The amazing healing properties of raw honey have been well documented over the years, and include the popular Royal Jelly.

Honey consists largely of pure glucose, dextrose and levulose, and is one of the most digestible of foods, particularly as it also contains large numbers of other substances which provide essential and easily assimilated nourishment for the cells, tissues and organs of the body. It also contains natural enzymes, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, chlorine, phosphorous, sulphur, iodine salts and many other mineral salts, making it a treasure house of valuable nutrients. As an acid-neutraliser, honey is a great help for digestive problems. Vitamins contained in honey include B2, B6, K, C, folic acid and carotene.

Honey is recommended for boosting vitality in the aged, for those with weak hearts and to lessen post-operative shock. Many other conditions for which honey can prove beneficial include:

Arthritis and Rheumatism






Gastro-intestinal problems, eg. Acidity and Diverticulitis

Prostate problems

Kidney function

Prevents tooth decay




Memory loss


Asthma, Allergies and Hayfever

Bee stings – a true case of “hair of the dog”!

Scalds or burns

Quick energy boost, with long-lasting effects

  • Respiratory Tract infections: Coughs, Colds and Flu – everyone is familiar with Grandma’s fail-safe “hot lemon and honey” for easing the symptoms of these debilitating illnesses.
  • Topically, a honey and milk face mask is refreshing and cleansing (if a bit sticky!) and many still use it to dress wounds, where it reduces inflammation and has certain antiseptic properties allowing it to help draw infection from the wound.
  • Young babies who are given honey, instead of sugar, will have stronger immune systems and mothers are assured that the easy assimilation of the honey ensures that their little ones are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals they need for their health and growth.
  • Shelf life – kept in a cool, dry place, this should be at least 4 months and can be up to a year. Granulation, or crystalisation doesn’t affect the quality of the honey or indicate deterioration – this is merely an indicator of the ratio of glucose to fructose. The heating of honey by commercial bottlers often prevents this granulation as the crystal nuclei that may be present are destroyed – along with most of the honey’s natural goodness and healing properties.

Raw Honey

R 35,00 / 500g bottle
Crushed Honeycomb (containing honey, pollen, combs and propolis)
R 35,00 / 500g bottle
R 45,00 / 300g

PROPOLIS … one of the most precious substances and source of remedial powers available for the promoting of human health.

The “magic muti” from the beehive! All entrances to and cracks and joints in the hive are sealed, smoothed over and protected with this dark brown, resinous substance and, if it happens to be scraped off, the bees quickly replace it.

Used both internally and topically, Propolis is a powerful and highly effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, natural antibiotic, antibacterial and pain reliever and is used to reduce high blood pressure and fevers, treat fungal infections and to cure duodenal and gastric ulcers. It can dramatically reduce the symptoms of radiation treatment and inhibit and prevent the development of viruses, from herpes to flu. It is also a very powerful healing agent when used to treat burns or bruising.

R 45,00 / 15ml bottle


Commercially bottled honey is often strained through fine filters. This may get the honey to appear clear and syrupy, but it also removes many of the essential vitamins and nutrients contained in the pollen and the microscopic pieces of capping from the honeycomb.

If pollen were to be taken directly from the plants, it would not have any effect at all on human health – it’s essential processing by the bees, taken in combination with the honey, has been said to delay the onset of senility, strengthen blood vessels – particularly in the brain and heart, boost the production of red blood cells – making it excellent for anaemic conditions, reduce inflammation in the prostate, calm nervous conditions and assist in regulating bowel and kidney functions.


Please remember that these are all seasonal and are available only in limited quantities. All products are raw, natural and unprocessed, containing all the nutrients of the different elements described above, with the thicker, purer Crushed Honeycomb perhaps containing the most goodness.

NB: Colour, texture and thickness will vary from one batch to the next, depending upon the environmental conditions, season and source of pollen for each particular hive. Nutritional values remain the same.